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Not everybody uses anabolic steroids or other image and performance enhancing drugs. In fact, most health conscious people don’t.

By utilising Vitruvian Man’s specialist knowledge and expertise of athletes, you can reach your own personal fitness goal. It may be to lose a bit of weight or add some lean muscle mass. This service will help you do both.

At Vitruvian Man, health and performance are paramount. You can’t have one without the other.

The Vitruvian Well Man combination of blood tests and health measurements enable you to identify key health markers which have an enormous impact on your health, fitness and wellbeing.

The blood tests can identify frequently occurring health complaints which plague modern society such as insulin resistance and type II diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, underactive thyroid, asthma, anaemia’s or low testosterone (AKA hypogonadism or androgen deficiency). These conditions seriously impede any fitness goals, negatively effect quality of life and increase both morbidity and mortality.

The Vitruvian Well Man specific body composition and health measurements provide essential insights to achieve optimal results quickly and efficiently. They also provide a baseline and allow you to monitor your progress.

This package consists of specialist interventions and can quite literally change your life.


£289 (includes consultation, measurements, blood testing, analysis and written report).

Vitruvian Well Man Package Deal

HbA1c (sophisticated blood sugar test which checks levels over the previous few months)

Lipid profile (comprehensive 6 panel check of all cholesterols and triglycerides) A key marker of cardiovascular health

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone to check for both over and under activity)

*Total Testosterone and SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), Free Androgen Index, Free Testosterone and Bioavailable Testosterone to assess male sex hormone function and androgen deficiency

Full Blood Count (comprehensive 13 panel testing)

Blood Pressure and Peak Flow (to assess lung function and capacity)

BMI (Body Mass Index).

Vitruvian Well Woman Package Deal


All the comprehensive tests and interventions as above, though without androgen deficiency screening.

* Not included in this package deal.

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